When it comes to customer service, regardless of industry, there are some things that employees should avoid saying to customers or clients. Can you think of a time where you experienced shocking customer service? How did it make you feel? We have all seen it at least once in our life, a rude cashier, waiter, flight attendant, etc – and it made us either angry or upset rather than happy and satisfied as we ought to be.

 Sometimes the employee may not be rude or have a negative attitude but are direct and too honest. For example, if a customer in a shop asks for a discount and the employee declines along with the excuse that his/her commission will be affected. While it is okay to say no, it is not okay to put customers after yourself in the world of service. In this specific example, the employee did not need to give a reason why – most shoppers wouldn’t even expect one. Or better yet, the employee could have gotten creative by offering a discount if they spent over a certain amount.

These hiccups are usually innocent, but employees do need to use their common sense. It’s recommended that employees go through training – not to learn what not to say, but to learn how to be customer friendly and to think before they speak.

Unfortunately, one wrong comment can stump the growth of a business especially now with so many of us relying on online reviews to make a decision. Business owners should not just hire skilful and intelligent employees and expect everything to go smoothly – we all make mistakes! All employees need to be reminded to be customer focused and friendly…always. Just like the saying goes, treat others as you would like to be treated.