Marketing is constantly evolving due to technology and market demands – this is especially true for destination marketing. Apps like AirB&B have shifted the travel industry leading traveler’s to seek more off the beaten track locations and experiences. Today marketers are curating content to tell a story on a destination to capture the culture and its people, beyond the tourist traps. 

Storytelling is authentic and carries us on a journey with the ability to connect to a place before even visiting. A perfect example are these True Stories from New Mexico. The goal of this content should be to evoke emotion and these pieces of content will help your brand and/or destination stand out in this over saturated market.


Video content is growing as more and more consumers are being influenced by it. From vlogs, ads, to webinars, videos are the best way to capture an experience in a city or country.


People want to know exactly what they are signing up for so it is worth investing in professional photography that showcases real people (staff and tourists) on real experiences. These photos can help build trust especially seeing so many smiling faces.

Personal Narratives

If and when possible, it is always best to put a face, voice, and/or personality to a brand or experience so that it is more believable and relatable. Both passion and enthusiasm can easily be felt and spread to your audience.


Customers trust other customers so testimonials are great to have on a brand’s website. Alternatively, positive Google reviews go a long way.