The Hotel industry is one of the main producers of food so it goes without saying that there is plenty of food waste that comes along with this, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. With raised awareness on environmental issues and an openness to help those in need, the industry is now trying to make changes to reduce their negative impact on the planet. Many have already started their sustainability measures by eliminating plastic, including miniature toiletries, drinking straws, and key cards.

So what initiatives are they making to curb their food waste? Below are some of our favourite that we’ve heard so far..

Shangri-La, Sydney

Not only has Sydney’s Shangri-La replaced plastic key cards with sustainable wood ones & plastic water bottles with plant based cartons, they introduced the ORCA innovative food waste solution that converts the waste into reusable material. These machines can eliminate up to 416k pounds of food waste from the landfill per year.

Las Vegas Hotels

Buffets are part of the Vegas experience and of American culture. While enticing, they make it so easy for customers to fill their plates with mountains making it impossible to finish (for the average person). Majority of the hotels in Las Vegas have decreased their buffet plate size to prevent customers from filling them with more-than-they-can-handle portions. Who knows, we may even start to see a decline in buffets.

How The Hotel Industry is Becoming More Sustainable

Intercontinental Hotel Group 

A number of Intercontinental Hotels are monitoring their food waste through Winnow, an AI meter that analyses ingredients from the preparation stage to the leftovers after the plate is returned to the kitchen. A few other chains, such as Marriott, are also catching on to this technology. 

A little goes a long way and with so much awareness, most hotels will not see a decline in customer satisfaction with these initiatives – saving the planet is a movement and people are now becoming accustomed to the changes that are happening worldwide.