There are many systems and processes to improve the customer experience in the hospitality industry and with good reason, customer service is at the height of being successful amongst competition. But these processes hinder innovation, creativity, and just aren’t fun. Processes work of course, but they can be executed in a way that encourages teamwork and thinking outside the box.

You’re probably wondering how at this moment. Rather than following the same approach, the key is to remain open and flexible, but it all starts with those staff members who have face to face dealings with the guests. They can understand the guests wants and needs, and the goal should be to deliver what all guests expect without them asking for anything. 

Jesse Desjardins, a hospitality strategist trying to bring joy to this process, has come up with four questions that he recommends hoteliers to answer to improve their offerings and service. 

How could you build even more excitement for your guests before they arrive?

A great way to amp your guests up pre arrival is to send an information packet via email with stunning visuals. It can include maps, a list of things to do, vouchers for local cafes or shops, etc. 

How could you heighten a boring moment?

Let’s face it, all the action and natural beauty is normally found outside of a hotel so it’s worth adding an extra touch to elevate the unremarkable. For example, an airport hotel in Vancouver added binoculars to their rooms.

How could you turn the worst part of a guest experience into a highlight?

Nothing is ever perfect and sometimes the best places have a dark side. For example, location. An amazing hotel or restaurant could be placed on a chaotic street that can sometimes scare people away so a way to improve that experience would make all the world of a difference.

How might you make departing guest part of the family?

Whether it be a special gift given to the guest or somewhere guests can leave their mark, a special touch like this can make a person feel more connected to a place. 

If you truly understand your guests and what they expect then it’s all about getting those creative juices flowing. The more people involved, the more chance for magic and innovation. And remember, thoughtful touches make a place memorable.