Egyptian Cotton sheets, expensive artwork, gorgeous gardens and pool – these are all enjoyed by hotel guests, but there is one thing that triumphs them all when it comes to their needs. According to surveys, WIFI is one of the most desired amenities that can make or break an experience. People want to be connected 24/7 including when they are on holiday – everyone loves to share their experience. 

Hotel Internet Services conducted a survey with over 650 hotel guests and 200 hoteliers and the results were interesting, proving the growing need for connectivity since 2015. More than 90% of guests stated that the ability to connect to WIFI was ‘very important’ and 58% stated it was one of the main factors in their booking decision.

While this may be frustrating for hoteliers, they can use it to their advantage – WIFI does not only need to benefit the guest. WIFI can improve the overall operation of a hotel, including the staff experience, which will in turn help the business to thrive. Here are just a few ideas..


Through wifi devices, your housekeeping staff can get alerts as soon as a person checks out so they know the room is ready to be cleaned. This can also work for baggage handlers/bellmen.


Allowing guests to contact concierge remotely can greatly improve the customer experience as it gives guests the chance to easily build a relationship with staff.

Room Customisation

Each room can be customised to suit its guests by altering the lighting and temperature – and this can obviously be done remotely so the guest can walk into comfort.


The check in and out process should be effortless and can be done via a kiosk at the reception desk or even remotely through a guest’s smartphone. This will also free time for your staff so they can focus on building relationships with guests rather than staring at a screen while speaking to them.

In short, everything can run a lot more efficiently, thanks to WIFI so don’t overlook this simple amenity.