There’s one thing that can easily stump your professional success if you don’t control it and that’s your emotions. In your career, there will always be ups and downs, successes, and failures so you have to be able to handle it all before your emotions take over, if you want to continue down the path of success.

It’s definitely not easy sometimes – everyone can understand that. The key to controlling your emotions is to have a positive mindset and look on the bright side. While it can be challenging, turning a negative into a positive can actually lead you to a better situation. Here are some examples of how this behaviour can bring success.


Once you can recognise and understand your emotions, it’s a lot easier to keep them at bay. For example, you notice you get very irritated when a colleague takes phone calls in the office because it distracts you from your work. As soon as you start feeling that irritation, you can rise above it to remain professional by stepping out for a coffee or for some fresh air – this beats unleashing your frustration, which can ultimately make matters worse.


To keep calm and collected during stressful or heated times, you must separate yourself from your emotions. When any adversity comes up whether it be anger or fear, acknowledge it and kick it to the curb so you can focus on a solution.


Emotions can easily alter your perception of something. For example, a promotion will lift your spirits and make you work harder while a demotion will bring you down and demotivate you.
When you realise how your emotions have altered your perception, you can then reframe it to change your attitude.

Controlling your emotions will not only bring success, it will improve your well being. The more anger, resentment, fear, and anxiety you can push to the side, the more happiness you will allow in. Good things will come.