With travel being so accessible these days and with such a heightened awareness on wellness, those in the tourism industry are now having to focus their customer experience on all five senses. Travellers have so much available to them at home that they need something unfamiliar in every sense to make the experience both memorable and unforgettable. This goes for all types of travellers, most especially those who like to indulge in luxury tourism.


We all like to surround ourselves with beauty and sight is the first sense we use when deciding where to book. Most hotels deliver this very well. From ocean views to aesthetic interior designs to well dressed staff, their aim is to visually please.


In the world of aromatherapy, scents have a strong effect on the body and mind – they can help one relax by easing tension or stress. Some luxury hotel brands have started making exclusive scents that they spray throughout their facility to evoke calm feelings. 


The sense that interacts with our largest organ is personal and can really make or break an experience. Luxury hotels always make sure their bed linen and towels are all soft to touch and super comfortable. Itchy sheets and towels will usually lead to a negative review online. Another important one to consider is whether the toiletries will leave guests with soft skin and hair. 


Everyone has different taste buds and deciding what to eat can be a challenge if there are too many choices. Most of the time some thoughtful and possibly homemade snacks and drinks in the mini bar fridge is all you need to satisfy someone’s taste sense. Hotels should consider offering local wines and treats for those who love experiencing new things.


In a world where everyone is tuned in to their favourite music or podcast on their device, hotel brands have realised that need to give people a reason to disconnect. Digital detoxes are good after all. Many hotels are now creating playlists with tunes and sounds that evoke relaxation, while in some countries they promote silence. The natural sounds of a destination, including language, will connect one with their environment.